Rispetto RO-PR69
Rispetto RO-PS69

The Rispetto RO-PS69 continues the legacy of compact subwoofers. It’s even 5 mm thinner than its predecessor RO-PS69. You can install this sub in many places including underneath the passenger seat – without compromising on power.

With an aluminium die-cast heat-sink, an oval aluminium cone woofer and a built-in MOSFET 150W amplifier, the RO-PS69 makes for a high-power bass. It has a wired remote, so you can easily tune gain, phase and LPF.

Esatto Salute Subwoofer
Esatto Salute Subwoofer

Esatto delivers every detail of the design and building of these subwoofers, to ensure high mechanical quality as well as efficiency. Extreme dynamics, unlimited power handling, real acoustic scene. All the parameters have been redefined to a superior level to give life to the maximum expression of the Esatto audiophile appreciation. This is a total listening experience, transferring the emotions of a live performance to the car environment.