The SE-D16 is every sound tuner’s dream with flexible application and onboard tuning tools that will bring out the full potential of your music.

For the discerning audio enthusiast who’s looking for a better music experience in their vehicle, the SE-D16 Digital Sound Processor allows you to integrate aftermarket amplifiers and speakers into your vehicle without replacing the factory head unit. The on-board tuning tools give you the power to design a custom listening experience so you can get lost in your music.

Tech. Features
Analog Inputs16 ch high lev. + 2 pre in
Digital InputsOptical Cable
Analog Outputs16
Digital OutputsNot available
Equalizers for each Outputs31-band graphic equalizer (1/3 Oct.; ±12dB)
Crossover Filter TypeFull / Hi-Pass / Low Pass / Band Pass
Filter mode and slopeLinkwitz @ 12 / 24
Butterworth @ 6 / 12 / 18 / 24
Bessel @ dB / oct -48dB / oct (step @ 6dB / oct
BluetoothMusic streaming from smart phone or media player
Build in Amplifier16 channels x 50 watts (RMS)