Comado CO-D6


Comado CO-D6 is a multi-function digital processor featuring analog input, capable of transforming ordinary OEM or after-market system into a high-performance system.

Provided with a 32 bit, 147 MHz clock speed DSP as well as 24 bit A/D and D/A converters, Comado CO-D6 is controlled by a software especially developed for signal treatment according to the vehicle acoustic peculiarities. Setting the parameters of each input single channel, setting the delays according to the listening position, adjusting crossovers and equalizers for each of the 6 output channels; all of these operations can be managed by the PC.During the installation phase, after converting the analog signal into digital, Comado CO-D6 automatically reconstructs a digital full-bandwidth stereo signal; de-equalizes the frequency response and, if necessary, reconstructs the central and subwoofer channels.The user can configure the output mode of each channel relative to the installed system.

Advance Bluetooth technology to allow additional source from phone or other media player streaming through Comado CO-D6 and experience near loss less quality. Wi-Fi connectivity between the DSP and smart phone for Apps to have direct control over the perimeters of sound. #Download from App Store :- essato DSP CO-D6

Tech. Features

Analog Inputs 4 high lev. + 2 pre in
Digital Inputs Not available
Analog Outputs 6
Digital Outputs Not available
Equalizers for each Outputs 31-band graphic equalizer (1/3 Oct.; ±12dB)
Crossover Filter Type Full / Hi-Pass / Low Pass / Band Pass
Filter mode and slope Linkwitz @ 12 / 24

Butterworth @ 6 / 12 / 18 / 24Bessel @ dB / oct -48dB / oct (step @ 6dB / oct

Bluetooth Music streaming from smart phone or media player
Wi-Fi App integration for controls on sound perimeters
Build in Amplifier Front – 50 watts (RMS) x2Rear – 50 watts (RMS) x2

Sub – 150 watts (RMS) x1